On this week's show, we spoke with David Witte from Musicwell Productions. David has produced the latest single from a very talented christian artist, Natasha Holmes. Here's the link to David's page: http://www.facebook.com/Musicwellproductions
Listen to episode 64 - Baptist Minister, Rev. Matt Glover shares with us about his paper "A Pastoral Response To Homosexuality In The Church". To read the complete paper, visit http://bit.ly/lE0pTu

Listen to episode 65 - Author and Mental health expert, Matthew Johnston joins us to share about mental health and meditation in our modern world. To find out more about Matthew and his work, visit http://matthewjohnstone.com.au

Listen to episode 66 - What does Easter mean to you? We discuss the Easter festival, Passover, and catch up with Melissa Hughes from the Lort Smith animal hospital on this very special easter edition of the Spirit Lounge.

Listen to episode 67 - Author of the book "Faitheist", and Interfaith and Community Service Fellow, Chris Stedman joins us to speak about his personal journey from devout Christian to passionate Atheist and Humanist. Follow more of Chris's journey at his blog, http://nonprophetstatus.com/

Listen to episode 68 - Author of the book "Turtle Journey", Cynthya, speaks about her encounters with spirits. We follow Cynthya's Journey as she discovers her spiritual self and begins to truly listen to her spiritual guides. "Turtle Journey" is available here: http://bit.ly/Kq3Irw

Listen to episode 69 - We catch up with Jenni and Lisa from OutAndAround.com, for a progress update in their search for the super-gays around the world. Bertie shares with us about St George’s Day.

Listen to episode 70 - Bertie is taking a 3 month holiday from the Spirit Lounge, so we get to know the newest member of the Spirit Lounge team, Linzi. Linzi will be joining us every week for the next 3 months.

Listen to episode 71 - Michael Lallo from The Age joins us to speak about his research into the ex-gay movement within Melbourne. We also learn about the Campfire Film Festival, with Richard Leigh.