Well, spring has arrived, and we say farewell to winter. The last few episodes from the the Spirit Lounge winter season are now available to download through our podcast. Check out the links below, or sign up to our podcast feed to always be up to date with the latest from the Priest, the Pom and the Poof. 

Rev. Dennis Webster talks about Taize style worship - Listen Now

We try to get to the bottom of what Salvation Army members really believe about our community - Listen Now

Rev Karl Hand from Crave MCC - Listen Now

Hannah Dungan and Leanne Jenski reflect on the Uniting Church National Assembly - Listen Now

Jenni and Lisa from OutAndAround.com return from their epic journey to discover the world's supergays - Listen Now

Can you be a politician and still be a spiritual person? - Listen Now

Cynthia Popperwell, on pineal toning, life, the universe, and everything - Listen Now