If you have missed out on hearing The Priest, The Pom, and The Poof on Tuesday nights at 8pm, you can catch up with the three P's using our podcast service. Search for "Joy 94.9 Spirit Lounge" in the iTunes music store, to automatically receive all our new episodes. Below are some of our recent episodes, which you can listen to online. 

Episode 100 - Listen Now
Tim Kurek is a straight man who pretended to be gay for a year. He discovers the good and the bad parts about wearing the "gay" label in a conservative part of the USA. Tim's adventure has turned into a book; "The Cross in the Closet". www.timkurek.com
Episode 99 - Listen Now
Author Ian Rankin speaks with us about the spirituality of Inspector Rebus, a fictional detective in his hugely successful series of books. http://www.ianrankin.net/
Episode 98 - Listen Now
We are joined by Natasha Holmes, a christian lesbian singer and songwriter. http://www.cravemusicproductions.com/

Episode 97 - Listen Now
Experience Spiritual India with our spiritual travel agent, Jake Bartlett.

Episode 96 - Listen Now
Thomas Beck shares with us about his story of a love once thought lost, only to be found just around the corner. His story has been made into a documentary and is screening during the Jewish International Film Festival. http://www.eventcinemas.com.au/Movie/The-One-That-Got-Away-%5BJff%5D

Episode 95 - Listen Now
Happening films come into the studio and speak about their film, "The Wilding". http://www.happeningfilms.com/

Episode 94 - Listen Now
Profiling several upcoming events, we spoke to Julie Perrin about the Springtime Storybasking event (http://tellingwords.com.au/), Michelle Kolev spoke about the upcoming Freedom of Spirit live broadcast from Freedom 2B (http://www.freedom2b.org/), and Simon Moyle shared about Urban Seed's upcoming forum, "Who's in / Who's out / Who decides" (http://www.urbanseed.org/)