This week we caught up with Chris Rowntree and Rev Dr Rod Pattenden. Chris and Rod shared a little with us about exploring issues of faith and spirituality through various art forms, including visual arts, performance art, and poetry. 

Chris spoke in a little extra detail about The Blake Prize and the Babble:on conference which will be visiting Melbourne at the end of March. More information about the blake prize can be found here and here.

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This valentine's we are asking the question: What ways can we show love to others around us at work or in other social situations? Is valentine's day just for the romantic notion  of love? 

This week we also catch up with Brian Finch, all-round nice guy and coordinator for Habitat for Humanity's Victorian chapter. We learn about habitat's unique response to the Victorian bushfires, and how they are tackling the issue of housing affordability. 

In the spirit spa, we are looking at spiritually focussed ways to celebrate this valentine's day.

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On February 7th, 2009, Bushfires burned uncontrollably around the outskirts of Melbourne. Two years on, we revisit the townships most affected by these horrific fires. We explore how the bushfires have impacted on the lives of the local community with an in-depth discussion with local business owner Rod. Rod and his partner, Barry, lost everything except the clothes they were wearing during the fires, and have rebuilt their lives from the ground up. 

We cross live to The Priest, Joy, who has spent some time helping with the bushfire recovery effort. Joy recounts her experiences on the front line working with the SES two years ago and her continuing work in the field as the community of Marysville works to rebuild not just their homes, but their lives too. 

The Pom, Bertie, joins us in the spirit spa with health tips for your fruit and veggie intake. Also, Bertie shares a little of her experience during the recent flash flooding in Victoria.

Andrew, shares his first pride march experience, and recounts the last day of midsumma carnival. 

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Join us as we catch up with Emily Evans, Adrian Greenwood and Ralph Reilly to find out all about the recent National Christian Youth Convention which was held in the Gold Coast. 

Emily shares a little about her experience as a youth member of the Uniting Church, and as a delegate to NCYC 2011. 

Adrian Greenwood speaks about his work with stirring people into action based on their faith. More information about community actions is available on 

Ralph Reilly shares some of his faith with us, speaking about Servants to Asia's Urban Poor. More information about Servants is available at 

More information about NCYC and other youth activities of the Uniting Church is available at

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