On January 24th we found out about some of the faith-based events being hosted as part of the Midsumma festival. 
We spoke with Simon, from St Michael's Uniting Church in Collins St. They are planning a special worship service for Midsumma. More details about St Michael's are here

MCC are also putting on a special event for Midsumma, and Joy (The Priest) shared a little of what you can expect if you tag along to their event.

In the spirit spa this week, we explored labyrinth meditation as a way to connect with God, and reflect on life. 

Listen here. 
We caught up with Diane Fisher, an elder with the Metropolitan Community Church, on January 10th. 
Diane shares some of her experiences, and her views about faith issues for the GLBTI community.

More information about MCC in Melbourne is available from mccmelbourne.com.au

Listen here.