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Well what a milestone! 50 Episodes and counting, and what an episode we have recorded for you! The Priest, The Pom and The Poof have been working hard to bring you some really interesting and entertaining shows during the festive season.
In this episode the gang talk to Evon from a really great group called Positive Living who every year hold a Christmas Dinner for those who would otherwise have no other place to share a meal on Christmas day. 

We take a moment to check on someone who is in our thoughts very much at this time Mr Matt Glover, and find out how we can help Matt and his Family out at this difficult time for them.  

From there we jump to Queensland to talk to Leigh about the current state of Civil Unions in Queensland, and talk about the exciting changes that are taking place. It certainly is sounding like some positive moves are happening.

And finally, ever think about getting a pet for Christmas? We talk to Melissa from Lort Smith Animal Hospital about some furry little critters who may be a perfect match for what you are looking for?
All of this and a little more in one show! How do they do it!? Well you will just have to listen to find out!

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